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Jan 19th: dr. lycka podcast - how to live a fantastic life

PODCAST WITH MR. BIZ ON how to spot and support HIGH-FUNCTIONING addicts in the work place
article for ipain magazine that is due to be published Spring of 2023

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Coming September 2022

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September 14th


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Sister Siren: A Non Fiction About Addiction

 A Field Guide On How to Love An Addict

In her debut memoir, Michaela K. Canterbury details the ups and downs of being the sister of an addict. In the pages of Sister Siren, you'll be met with love, hope, faith, and joy, despite addiction. You will read about the journey it takes to love someone through addiction. 

Sister Siren: A NON FICTION about addiction is now available for purchase on Amazon and barnes and noble.



Peter Strisik, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

In Sister Siren, Michaela shares a heartfelt, engaging, honest, and intensely personal story about addiction, family, love, persistence, and the roller coaster ride towards recovery for all involved. Making use of all the resources she could find, she invites us to take that ride with her and her family, implementing those resources with simultaneous strength and vulnerability as she learns, tries, grieves, despairs, and triumphs……. repeatedly. Joining her on the journey – if we allow ourselves the vulnerability to vicariously experience the disappointments, tragedies, victories, and joys – we are rewarded with greater understanding of addiction, the role it can play in the family crucible, self-discovery, and insights about our own families. In Sister Siren, Michaela opens a door for us that, once
we enter, there is no turning back, only going through.

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